Typical PAATZ: TRIBO phosphating "stable composite".

TRIBO phosphating at PAATZ: Maximum longevity and resilience.

The procedure of phosphating steel and aluminium developed by PAATZ in cooperation with the Technical University of Chemnitz offers you a new generation of compression joints!

Your benefit:

By phosphating steel and aluminium, PAATZ increases the longevity and resilience of your power transmission elements for shaft-hub connections, gears, antifriction bearing seats and compression joints, by avoiding fretting corrosion and increasing static friction between the transmission elements! 


  • multiple times the transmission power of the connection compared to usual shaft-hub connections with compression joints
  • repeated joining and solving of the compression joint is possible without causing damage or losing transmission power
  • both longitudinal and cross compression joints are possible
  • compression can take place without using lubricants
  • also appropriate for thin-walled parts and hollow shafts
  • prevention of TRIBO corrosion (fretting corrosion)
  • reduction of costs compared to positive shaft-hub connections

If you have special tasks, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will clarify all the details in cooperation with the Technical University!

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