Typical PAATZ: continuous quality management achieved through teamwork.

We support as ever, even when it comes to measuring, and that through qualitative measurement devices.

Everything is always double-checked, because “two heads are always better than one”. None of Paatz quality products, be it a clamping, drilling or double clamping device (just to cite a few examples) leaves the premises without having underwent a measurement protocol made by means of state-of-the-art measurement devices, with Zeiss-measuring machines.

That's just quality from Thuringia.

Your benefit:

We manufacture measuring devices that suit your Zeiss-measuring machine specially for the measurement and control of your work pieces.

Technical specifications:

  • Greatest possible accessibility to all surfaces and drill holes so that an eventual check-up can be made the most realistic installation condition possible.


  • Incorporation of control housings with defined bolting points.

PAATZ measurement devices: view all details.