Typical PAATZ: Measuring in every dimension.

3D measuring from PAATZ: Precision with the most current technology.

Two ultra-modern measuring devices and optimally trained as well as experienced employees ensure precise measurement results. Your parts, components and other metal components go through a practical test in our fully air-conditioned 3D measurement room to guarantee you full safety.

That's just precision work from Thuringia.

Technical specifications:

Two Zeiss coordinate measuring devices using the most current "Calypso" software in the following dimensions...

Prismo 7
x = 900mm
y = 1200mm
z = 700mm


Prismo 10
x = 1200mm 
y = 1800mm 
z = 1000mm


Measuring, adjustment and protocol generation according to customer demands (3D data set or drawing)

PAATZ 3D measurement: view all details.