Typical PAATZ: "Smart" drill heads

PAATZ Tap Drill Heads: 50 years of professional work.

The profound experience of over 50 years of professional work is manifested in every drill head. And so is the experience of our customers that are already using more than a thousand of our drill heads. PAATZ drill heads work reliably under toughest conditions and are subjected to stringent tests before being put into operation. The tests are carried out on a computer-controlled test bench and with highest professional competence.
PAATZ drill heads are smart and robust products.

Well, that is Thuringian quality. Used all over the world!

Your benefit:

For fast and efficient fabrication of tapped holes, our tap drill heads and bits are used all over the world.

Technical specifications:

  • Threaded spindles in accordance with DIN 69001 - for cooling agents or dry processing
  • Gears with straight-toothed, smoothed gear wheels and pinion shafts.
  • Depending on the drive concept, executable with different changeover facilities
  • The connection of the tap drill bits to the machine is customized specifically to your needs
  • Circulating oil lubrication, oil-air lubrication or grease lubrication, depending on the application

    Optional specifications:

    • Use of pan and hoisting sleeves
    • With testing devices (hydraulic or pneumatic swivelling, rigid or sprung)
    • With tool positioning or tool monitoring

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