Typical PAATZ: Swivel heads for "specialists".

Swivel to top quality.

You just order swivelling spindle heads from the specialist for unusual and special wishes. From PAATZ! For processing your serial parts, like engine blocks, cylinder heads and gearboxes. We manufacture multi spindle heads accurate in every detail – for knuckles, crank shafts and conrods.
We always keep your specific purpose in mind. While the PAATZ quality always remains the same. Equally perfect.

Well, that is Thuringian quality.

Your benefit:

It makes sense for your applications to have an adjustable, "swivelling" processing unit in operation, instead of multiple processing units.

Technical specifications:

  • Swivelling of entire processing units or single spindle heads in one unit
  • Single or multi spindle options are possible

Swivelling spindle head from PAATZ: product example