Precision is the daily trade of PAATZ.

Multi spindle drill heads of high precision are the daily trade of PAATZ

The multi spindle heads from our "workshop" are precisely manufactured down to a few micrometres - a value that cannot be registered by the human eye. Every PAATZ multi spindle head in accordance with DIN 69001, DIN 69002 or special custom models is each a masterpiece for our demanding and technically adept automotive customers. 
For the exact and reliable processing of serial parts, you need customised multi spindle drill heads from PAATZ. You need those with excess value, because they are indestructible.

Well, that is Thuringian quality.

Your benefit:

Our multi spindle drill heads are the ideal solution for your applications if you seek to rationalise processing and lower the main times. From the very first stroke to the entire gear calculation, the manufacturing of single components, the final assembly and the test run - everything is done on PAATZ premises. Everything is developed and constructed particularly for your purpose.

Technical specifications:

  • Spindle assembly units in accordance with DIN 69002 for MMS, cooling agents or dry processing
  • Special purpose spindles of all types are particularly optimised for your type of application
  • Max revs for spindles (depending on size, up to 15.000 min-1)
  • Individual spindle assembly units can be delivered with an adjustment option
  • The connection to the machine is customized specifically to your needs
  • Gears with hardened, helical cut and smoothed gear wheels or pinion shafts
  • Circulating oil lubrication, oil-air lubrication or grease lubrication, depending on the application
  • Possible three-sided processing by means of using angular heads
  • Robust housing construction made of grey iron
  • All spindle mounting position feasible

    Optional specifications:

    • Use of pan and hoisting sleeves
    • With testing devices (hydraulic or pneumatic swivelling, rigid or sprung)
    • With tool positioning or tool monitoring systems

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