Typical Paatz: Motivated assembly teams perform accurately down to the very last millimetre.

What every PAATZ assembly team has in mind: Precision, precision, precision

If micrometres have to be ensured for measuring and manufacturing, then the assembly will also have to pay attention to every detail. Only that way, perfectly processed clamping devices of highest quality can be made. A PAATZ clamping devices for processing centres, transfer lines, rotary transfer lines or special machine models is always the right decision. .

PAATZ has the profound experience with regards to realising all work piece clamping devices for all automotive parts.

Your benefit:

Our clamping devices excel with high flexibility regarding your clamp problem. By using standardised clamping technology as well as individually adjusted clamping systems, the solution of all clamping problems is made possible. Clamping devices are used in transfer lines and processing centres with hydraulic or manual clamping of one or more work pieces which mechanically block or hydraulically clamp holders, outriggers or clampers.


Technical specifications:

  • Stable and torsion-resistant clamping of work pieces
  • Greatest possible free space for your processing works enables you to use short and stable tools
  • A conscientious examination of collision parameters
  • Best possible handling of work pieces
  • Creating an ideal chip flow
  • Adherence to work safety provisions s

Optional specifications:

  • The position of the work pieces can be checked pneumatically or electrically
  • Control of the clamp systems can be realised pneumatically, electrically or hydraulically


  • Crank case: Cylinder head, cylinder head cover, crank shaft, camshaft, connecting rod, bearing shells, control housing, cam shaft cover, bearing cover
  • Gear: Gear housing, clutch housing, differential case
  • Ancillary units.: Water pump body, oil pump housing, exhaust manifold, parts of the frame structure, ABS housing, fuel injection pump housing
  • Chassis: Calliper, axle bearing, pivot bearing, rear axle cover, wishbone, damper yoke

Stationary PAATZ clamping devices: view all details.