Typical PAATZ: “A better grasp” of efficiency.

The gripper system is the heart of every injection moulding machine.

The more intelligently and robustly it has been designed, the more efficiently production runs. Starting with the simple removal of your parts from the injection moulding machine to the precise application in complex manufacturing processes, robotic hands carry out small and large tasks hour after hour. Quick, reliable and fail-safe. The customisable gripper system of PAATZ is based on practical experiences from decades of collaboration with the automobile industry.

This creates tangible benefits in quality and robustness!

Your benefit:

A robot makes precise calculations to the cent by transforming uniform and routine work into efficient production. The robotic hands treat each workpiece equally and thus always guarantee consistent quality.

Use of the PAATZ gripper technology:

  • Removal and insertion of workpieces
  • Grasping of sprues with suction devices, angus forceps etc.
  • Removal of intangible parts with suction devices
  • Realisation of moulded and pre-moulded parts in a multi-component technology
  • Insertion of parts that need to be injection-moulded (e.g. shafts, pins, cases etc.)
  • Monitoring the gripper position and functions

    How the PAATZ gripper system works