Typical PAATZ: Think constructively and "act in a special way".

The construction department at PAATZ thinks along with you.

Always a step ahead. At last the overall result counts. The idea must be good, that's for sure. A performance is only constructive if manufacturing and assembly are done effectively. Work with PAATZ. Challenge us. No matter whether it concerns single parts, assembly units or individual special machines!

Constructive ideas come from Thuringia.

Jens Kaufmann

Construction manager
Tel.: 036847/351-463
Fax: 036847/351-8463

Andreas Felber

Construction engineer: Machinery Group Manager
Tel.: 036847/351-411
Fax: 036847/351-8411

Manja Jung

Construction Engineer
Tel.: 036847/351-423
Fax: 036847/351-8423


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